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Emotional Freedom Technique

In-person (Tri-cities area and Richmond) or Distance sessions by phone or Skype

I discovered Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) while looking at alternative ways to help clients. I figure the best way to know if something works is to try it out on myself-so I did and it works.

I have worked with an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner and I can only say I got results in releasing old hurts. I was at first — maybe like you– a bit skeptical. Below, I’ve given you the “low down” on what EFT is and as much as I know about how or why it works. But, make no mistake. This alternative form of psychotherapy DOES work. In fact, I’ve been amazed at the results that I’ve seen, as well as the results of my clients.

I am such a believer in this technique that I would be happy to I offer a complimentary 15-minute session to you. Let’s explore the possibility of working together using EFT. If EFT sounds like it might be for you, then please feel free to take the next step and fill out your details on the Contact page. I will get back to you within 48 hours. Email me pawaitkus@gmail.com or call 804-901-2031.

Waitkus Counseling Group provides Growth through Conversation. EFT is like counseling with extra physical actions that more quickly give you true emotional freedom. We will have a conversation as we tap away your hurts, release weight, and move forward in your life.

Emotional Freedom Technique is referred to as acupuncture without the needles. EFT is an accelerated form of talk therapy that gets to the underlying causes of physical and emotional issues with astounding speed. As you tune in to an issue or emotion, you tap on specific acupuncture points (or meridians). This allows you to safely, effectively, and quickly create lasting positive change.

It is based upon thinking that the body holds onto memories, pain, emotions that cause blocks – it can alleviate issues of fears, negative emotions, and release energy blocks. With the use of tapping on the meridian points the blocks open, energy is moving and you get the results.

Emotions are just energy in motion and when you have an experience in your life which caused you to go into fight, flight or more commonly freeze, then you store this energy internally and it can forever plague you, leading to sabotaging behaviors and prevention of happiness in your life. Makes sense, right?

To help with Understanding

Do you relate to one or more of the following:

- Do you find yourself attracting the same bad relationships/boss time and time again?
- Do you suffer from depression, anxiety or stress?
- Do you have a fear you just can’t shake?
- Do you have some beliefs that may be holding you back?
- Lifelong beliefs that you don’t know where they came from?

I believe that everyone can benefit from using EFT.

I have worked with a number of people, and some of them have been my best skeptics and still have yet to find a single person who has not noticed any change… however slight.

The Emotional Freedom Technique, while easy to learn can produce absolutely profound results!

This powerful and yet gentle technique can provide you:

Relief from stress or old fears that are in your way.

With a way to push through your comfort zone – great for performance whether you want to do your personal best or just get through a challenging situation (like speaking publicly or exam time)

With increased energy and productivity – when you are stressed or angry or negative, have you noticed how your body feels? Is it no wonder you’re exhausted and unable to get anything done?

With a way to control cravings –with the price of food, alcohol and cigarettes rising all the time, how great would it be to control your cravings of the substances you know are controlling your life? Did you notice I didn’t say give up? With EFT you can get your cravings and bring your life back under your control. Of course, if you want to give up, we can help you there too.

With better sleep – since this technique is so calming and relaxing and helps reduce stress it’s like meditation only better as you get to release the emotions and energy in your body, your body naturally returns to normal sleep patterns.

Your Next Step

Reach out and I will provide you with a complimentary 15-minute session. We can over the phone, by Skype or in person. Let’s explore the possibility of working together using EFT. If Emotional Freedom Technique sounds like it might be for you, then please feel free to take the next step and fill out your details on the Contact page.

I will get back to you within 48 hours – pawaitkus@gmail.com or 804-526-9885.

We can talk in person, over the phone or use Skype.

Waitkus Counseling Group looks forward to working with you and getting you in the better emotional place.

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